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Our Co-Presiding Archbishops

His Grace, The Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira
Her Grace, The Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine J. A. Mercy Johnson


Centenary 2021 Announcement



2020 Is going to be a plentiful harvesting year for the Worldwide Anglican Church and we are very busy preparing for 2021, which will be our Centenary! We are a truly International church and a close-knit family who prays together every day! Our Seminaries are exceptional, and our on-going episcopal and leadership training is second to none. We are very proud to humbly and passionately serve in some of the most economically challenged communities in the world, and we place much emphasis on a mission with purpose. If you feel called to the priesthood, or if you are a Bishop looking for a new Anglican Church that is conservative and completely unwavering on important issues, accepting of the five-fold ministry, and accepting of qualified women to the episcopacy then please complete an application form, which you can find on our Application Form page- Upon receipt of your form, a member of our selection committee will reach out to you to begin the process.

WAC Events


COMING IN SPRING 2020 – Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson will host ‘LISTEN WITH MOTHER,’ an International TV show aimed at specifically teaching the Word of God to children. The weekly show will reach over 164 countries through KiTV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Cross TV, the KiTV Network, Roku TV, Android TV, Google, ChromeCast, Samsung Smart TV, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Pod Bean, Pod Chaser, Listen Note and Player FM. Stay tuned for updates!


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