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THE WORLDWIDE ANGLICAN CHURCH – If you feel called to join our Church, which will be celebrating its centenary in 2021, we respectfully ask you to write to us and include your certificates and answers to every question below in a Word document.

Once completed, you may send your application to wacarchbishopjohnson@gmail.com.

Our review council will prayerfully consider your application and contact you for a formal interview with the appropriate Archbishop Primate for your Country. We accept sincere applications from all Continents and would ask you to review our Canon Laws for age restrictions etc.

We are a bible-based, conservative Anglican Church, who ordains and consecrates qualified men and women. We thank you for your interest in joining our Church and look forward to speaking with you in the near future. May God bless you during this important time of discernment.


  1. Have you visited our website and read our Canon laws, and are you prepared to adhere to them?
  2. Why do you wish to join the WAC?
  3. What is your current denomination?
  4. What is your current rank in the Church?
  5. When and where, and in what year were you Ordained/Consecrated?
  6. Please tell us which Bishop Ordained you and kindly provide your certificate.
  7. Please tell us which Bishops Consecrated you, the date and location. Please provide your certificate.
  8. Understanding that you cannot belong to two organizations, are you in a position to make a move to the WAC if accepted?
  9. Have you ever belonged to the Anglican Communion or any other Anglican organization – e.g. the IAOEC, ACNA, GAFCON, or the Anglican Free Communion?
  10. How many churches and clergy are under your authority?
  11. What is your standing on women in ministry?
  12. What is your standing on same-sex relationships?
  13. What is your marital status, and if applicable, does your spouse support this move to the WAC?
  14. Have you ever been in a same-sex relationship?
  15. Please list five of your God-given talents that will enhance the WAC, including musical, administrative, leadership or any other gift.
  16. What social work do you and your church currently undertake in your community?
  17. Have you ever been convicted of a crime or misdemeanor?
  18. Have you ever been declared bankrupt, and do you have any outstanding debts personally or professionally?
  19.  Are you prepared to undertake a background check?
  20. How did you come to know the Lord?
  21. Describe your call to ministry.
  22. Describe your ministry path and the spiritual markers along the way.
  23. In your spiritual walk, how has God used adversity to mature you?
  24. How do you express your spiritual gifts?
  25. Share your definition of spiritual leadership.
  26. Share your involvement in local, national, and international missions.
  27. Have you been divorced? If yes, please explain the circumstances.
  28. Is there anything in your past that might hinder you from an effective ministry with the WAC?
  29. Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
  30. Do you use tobacco products?
  31. How do you discern God’s will?
  32. Please share your spiritual disciplines and practices.
  33. Share how you shepherd your flock and demonstrate compassion.
  34. What evidence is there in your life and ministry that you are leading in the power of the Spirit, and not out of your own abilities and strength?
  35. What steps do you take to guard and cultivate your integrity?
  36. Are there any areas in your life that could be considered by biblical standards to be out of balance or in excess?
  37. What steps do you follow when you sense disagreement or conflict with someone in your church?
  38. In what areas of your life is it easiest to demonstrate self-control? In what areas is it most difficult?
  39. What do others respect you for the most?
  40. How have you been tempted to compromise your values?
  41. Where have you encountered theological disagreement in your ministry? How did you handle those?
  42. What is your belief and practice concerning tithing?
  43. After reviewing our church web site are there any areas of hesitation or disagreement?
  44. What areas of ministry do you enjoy the most?
  45. What areas of ministry do you enjoy the least?
  46. In what area(s) of ministry do you spend most of your time?
  47. How do you currently train leadership for various ministries in your church?
  48. Describe in detail the process you use in making major decisions related to the ministry of the church.
  49. What committees or ministry teams do you currently relate to and how?
  50. What role do you believe you should have in giving direction to the goals and direction of the church?
  51. Outline the governance and decision-making structure of your church.
  52. If another staff member is having difficulty fulfilling his job description, what do you believe is your responsibility, if any, to him/her?
  53. How much, and what type of information do you expect staff who report to you to give you about their activities?
  54. What types of decisions are staff who report to you required to submit to you for approval?
  55. What have you done to promote staff relationships?
  56. Do you pray regularly with your staff? Give examples.
  57. How do you communicate your ministry goals, the direction of ministry, etc. in your church?
  58. How are you held accountable for your performance in your current position?
  59. What is your practice regarding staff meetings?
  60. What are your principle development needs and what are your plans to deal with them?
  61. What do you believe you will be able to bring to the WAC?

Once completed, you may send your application in a Word document to wacarchbishopjohnson@gmail.com