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The Worldwide Anglican Church welcomes The Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Crosswin Henry Pakianathan, who will serve our churches in South India. Bishop Pakianathan will initially oversee ten churches, and is a lifelong Anglican with much experience in ministry outreach. He was consecrated in 2012 by our Archbishop Dr. MosesPaul Rajasingh, our Primate for India. We warmly welcome him.

Sunday, 23rd February, 2020 we welcome two new Bishops to our church. Bishop Mary Ajisafe has two thriving churches in Nigeria, and will work in the Lagos Diocese. She was raised in the Anglican Church and comes from a long line of Anglican clergies. Bishop-Elect Dr. Joel Ambundo will preside in the Nakuru WAD Diocese in Kenya and brings considerable experience in Anglican doctrine. He will be consecrated in Kenya on April 19th of this year.

The Hon. David Masake, LLB has been appointed as the WAC Provincial Chancellor for Kenya. He is the son of a retired Anglican Archdeacon and Canon; has served as an Advocate in 2011; was formerly a Criminology lecturer at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology; worked with MS- Kenya, a Danish based organization in Kenya, and is currently working with Shabaan & CO. Advocates. Most importantly, the Hon. David Masake is a committed Christian. Pictured with him is the Archbishop Primate for Kenya, His Grace the Most Reverend Dr. Edward Abraham Amwayi.

WAC Archbishop Primate for South and Central America, the Most Rev. Dr. Spencer Garnica Lever, took Holy Communion to people on Tubara Beach, Colombia, as part of the Barranquilla mandate to reach all souls regardless of where they find themselves.

January 16th, 2020 – Archbishop Dr. Christine Johnson was the guest of the internationally syndicated radio show “Tea and honey with Dr. Gwen Jarvis” teaching on Proverbs 3, and helping women find strength in 2020.

The Worldwide Anglican Church in Kenya has created a new Diocese to be called NYAKACH WAC DIOCESE, and announced the election of The Ven Rev David Otenda as Bishop – Elect for that Diocese. His consecration and enthronment date will be announced later. We ask you to pray for him, and the entire WAC in Kenya under the leadership of Archbishop – Elect Dr Edward Abraham Amwayi.

December 20th, 2019, Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson joined the Boys and Girls Club of Loraine, Ohio, Jerome Brown, Romeo Barnes, and volunteers for the Christmas toy giveaways to children in the community.

WAC Patriarch and Co-Presiding Bishop His Grace, the Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira officiated at the 13th Maganjo Institute of Career Education in Kampala, Uganda, West Africa on december 13th, 2019.

The Right Rev + Dr. Nwandu Onuoha was Consecrated on December 1st, 2019 at God’s Cover Church in New York, USA by the Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, Co-Presiding Bishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Nicolas Acres, the Right Rev + Virgil D. Taylor, and Apostle Bishop Dr. Chukwunenya Onuoha.

During her Episcopal Visit to New York, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, Co-Presiding Bishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church visited the VIHI (Vessels in His Image) day center in New York to bless and pray for the precious children with Dr. Chukwunenye Onuoha.

Video testimonials from the Consecration of the Right Rev + Dr. Nwandu Onuoha in New York, December 1st, 2019.

November 17th, 2019 our Co-Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson was honored to be presented with a proclamation of support from the Cleveland Clergy Alliance. They enjoyed a highly beneficial few hours of discussion about her ministry, our church, and ways in which we can work together for the glory of Almighty God. Ephesians 4:16 – From whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

Our Matriarch and Co-Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson was the special guest at Holy Trinity Church COGIC and Cultural Arts Center for a special Ecumenical Service, where a proclamation was given from the WAC to the Church’s Chief Overseer, Apostle Dr. Andrew D. Clark, Sr. In return, Archbishop Johnson was presented with a certificate of Honorary Membership, before delivering a special sermon to the children and adults on Resurrection Power. Later in the day, Archbishop Johnson met with a number of senior clergies from around Greater Cleveland City to discuss ways in which they could work together. The Cleveland Clergy Alliance presented her with a proclamation of Interfaith cooperation and support, which stated, “our support of the mission God has given you to unite together as “ambassadors for Christ.”


ANNOUNCEMENT – The Worldwide Anglican Church announces its second female Archbishop – Her Grace, the Most Rev. Mary Ajisafe from Nigeria, West Africa. Her Grace was raised in the Anglican Church, and has responsibly lead her churches and clergies within her dioceses with great wisdom, discernment, maturity, finesse, passion and dignity. She has several highly beneficial outreach programs including caring for widows and orphans – and her open-door policy is truly pastoral. Her Grace will work directly alongside His Grace, the Most Rev. Dr. Akinbode Oke, Primate of Nigeria, and both work under the guidance of the Co-Presiding Archbishops, their Graces, the Most Rev. Christopher Lwanga Tusubira and Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson. Archbishop Ajisafe was welcomed into the House of Bishops today, and she will be formally Installed post Covid-19 lock-down. We warmly welcome her to the House leadership, as only the second female at this Episcopal level and one of only a handful of female Anglican bishops in the world.

His Grace, the Most Reverend Christopher Lwanga Tusubira was accompanied by the Venerable Rev Charles Barongo to Kenya February 13th for a seminar and strategy session with His Grace the Most Reverend Dr. Edward Abraham Amwayi in preparation for Archbishop Amwayi’s Installation in April 2020.

Hundreds of people from four countries gathered to witness Patriarch of the WAC, Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira Install Primate and Archbishop Dr. Elijah Abuoi Arok of the WAC- South Sudan, Peter Deng Ayom, Archbishop of north-western province, and David Manyok Lual Makuei, Archbishop of south-eastern Province. Patriarch also conducted the wedding of the Ven. Rev.James Karegyeya, Consecrated the Right Reverend +John Gidudu, and Ordained several men and women to the office of Priest and Deacon in Uganda.

2019 VIDEO REVIEW WITH MUSIC: Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson.
With over 5 decades of seed planting and prayer, a mighty tree has begun to grow. Branches have been pruned to allow others to flourish and God’s Vineyard of the Worldwide Anglican Church has sprung forth amazing growth around the world! Joining her on this journey are thousands of men and women whom she has been honored to ordain, consecrate, preach to, teach, guide, pray with, hug, love, and volunteer alongside. She is grateful to all our clergies, volunteers, security teams, police officers, ambassadors, TV, and other press, the airlines, my family, and to their Graces, Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira and Archbishop Dr. Spencer Garnica Lever. A big thank you to Apostle Dr. Chukwunenye Onuoha, First lady Michele and Apostle Dr. Andrew Clark , Pastor DaNine DaNine K. Ward, Dr. Kazumba Charles Bishop Virgil TaylorIndya Owens-Taylor, Pastor Nate SimpsonApostle-Bishop Douglas H. Taylor-Rainge Bishop Jan Beaderstadt, Bishop Nicholas Acres Ocr Awp, Bishop Orlando ArceArzobispo Carlos Enrique Segura BeltránBishop Mosespaul RajasinghJerome Brown, Gwen Jarvis, Pastor Lee Ricks and ALL the clergies of Holy Trinity Church and CAC, the Worldwide Anglican Church, and the congregations and countless homes who have hosted her and sewn her garments. The glory is given to Almighty God, to whom we serve!

December 22nd, 2019, Co-Presiding Bishop, His Grace Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira, conducted the official ordinations of the Ven Rev Charles Barango, the Rev Canon Jackson Kirungi Ntegeka, and Lay-reader Ahabyona Jethro at our Kigorobya Parish in The Albert WAC Diocese, Uganda, West Africa.


Lead Bishop for South America, His Eminence Bishop Orlando Arce made and episcopal visit to the WAC Choco Diocese in Colombia on February 14th, 2020, to evaluate, encourage and teach our priests, deacons, servers and congregation as part of our ongoing program development strategy.

WORLDWIDE ANGLICAN CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENT – JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – Today, we warmly welcome 750 new church members appointed and assigned to the south-eastern province of mainland South Sudan lead by The Most Reverend ++ Archbishop David Manyok Lual Makuei, within the state of Jonglei. We count this a great honor, a huge responsibility, and a privilege as we quote the book of Romans 8:28 which says. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” As our church continues to rapidly grow across the Continents, we hold fast to our Anglican tradition and we passionately serve our congregations with great love and as Christ-centered Servants of God.

It has been confirmed that the Consecration and Enthronement of The Most Reverend ++ Dr Edward Abraham Amwayi, Primate-elect for Kenya, will take place on Sunday 19th April 2020 in Nairobi. His Grace, Patriarch ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira will visit Kenya from 14th February to Sunday 16th February 2020 to meet with all Worldwide Anglican Church Leaders for an Induction Seminar.

December 22nd, 2019, Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira introduced The Ven Rev Charles Barongo to the congregation at Kigorobya WAC Parish soon after his installation as Archdeacon of The Greater Bunyoro Archdeaconry.

December 12th, 2019, Brandon and Jessy, members of ATTACK POVERTY, an organisation of the USA, met with Amon Kulukuma at our Hosanna Children’s Home in Uganda, West Africa to dicsuss plans for buildings and provisions. Our Matriarch, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, Patron of the Home, will visit in September 2020. She met with Attack Poverty’s President, Mr. Richard Logan in washington DC prior to this visit to discuss project needs. Attack Poverty’s mission is to empower people to attack poverty in their life and community by strengthening under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization, and basic needs. For more information please visit. https://attackpoverty.org/

Worldwide Anglican Church Archbishop Primate for India, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Mosespaul Rajasingh ordained Rev. Dharm Paul, Presbyter in-charge, WAC Church, Bhuna, Dt. Fatehbad, Haryana State, Rev. Ram Singh, Presbyter in Charge WAC Church, Tohana, Dt. Fatehbad, Haryana State, Rev. Saim Paul, Presbyter in Charge WAC Church Sunam, Punjab State, Rev. Sikander Masih, Presbyter in charge WAC Church, Bathinda Dt. Punjab State, Rev. Samuel Bhati Presbyter in charge of WAC Church, Khat Labana, Ganganahar Dt. Rajasthan state, Rev. Emmanuel Titta Presbyter in-charge WAC Church Aalupur, Mansa Dt. Punjab State.

On December 1st, 2019, St Paul’s Cathedral in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America, celebrated a special service of prayer and praise with His Grace the Most Rev ++ Dr.Spencer garnica Lever, Archbishop Primate for South and Central America.

Patriarch, and Co-Presiding Bishop the Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira visited one of rural churches this week in Uganda, Africa – Sept. 2019. He received a very warm welcome from the village children and a special service of blessing.

ANNOUNCEMENT The Archbishops Council of the Worldwide Anglican Church in Kampala – Uganda has today Tuesday 17th November 2019 approved the election of THE REV JOHN GIDUDU as the BISHOP of The Mount Elgon WAC Diocese in Eastern Uganda. The Rev John Gidudu was born on 20th January 1966 at Kabembe Village, Kavule Ward in Bulamburi District. He was trained in Theology and Ministry at Buwalasi Theological College from 1996 to 2000, and ordained a Deacon in 2001 at St. Matthew’s Cathedral – Buhugu. In 2003, he was ordained a Priest in the same Cathedral. Rev John Gidudu has since served the Church in different capacities. He is married to Yemema and they have 8 children. Both John and Yemema accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour and have been serving the Anglican Church together. Rev John Gidudu will be consecrated and enthroned at St Paul’s Church Wamala – Kampala, Uganda on Sunday 12th January 2020.

WORLDWIDE ANGLICAN CHURCH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON FAITH AND JUSTICE- WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN – NOVEMBER 22, 2o19 – Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson attended this very important annual event. This pledge is being made in over 60 countries during the next few days, and we encourage you all to say this and to lead it within your churches, schools, colleges, businesses, and communities. For more information, please visit https://www.whiteribbon.ca/

His Excellency, the Right Rev + Orlando Arce, lead bishop for South America, made an official episcopal visit to our rural region of Choco in Colombia, to bless, pray and encourage our clergies and congregations as they continue to suffer in this region of great armed conflict.

December 19th, 2019, Archbishop Dr. Spencer Garnica Lever, Primate for South and Central America, held a special service at St. Peter’s Church, Barranquilla, Colombia, South America to bless the children.

Whilst reorganizing The Queen Elizabeth WAC Diocese (formerly Rwenzori WAC Diocese) WAC Patriarch, the Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira ordained Archdeacons the Rev Reuben Turyasingura as the Archdeacon of Ankole Archdeaconry, The Rev Buhamizo Nelson as Archdeacon of Ntungamo Archdeanry and The Rev Berunga Ben as Archdeacon of Rushera Archdeaconry.

November 22nd, 2019, Patriarch, the Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira visited the Queen Elizabeth WAC Diocese (Ankole Archdeaconry) to organize and uplift the clergies and congregations.

Ahabyona Jethro, a Student in form three, has been called to be a Lay-Reader in our Kigorobya Parish in Uganda, West Africa. He will be commissioned on Sunday 22nd December 2019 as the youngest reader in WAC Ugandan history.


Archbishop Dr. Akinbode Oke, Primate for Nigeria, visited Bishop Mary Ajisafe at her church February 14th, 2020 in Nigeria, to discuss her candidacy for the Worldwide Anglican Church. Bishop Mary was raised in the Anglican tradition and has applied to join the join the WAC with her three dioceses.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA had the profound honor to welcome three Kings from Ghana for meetings, galas, services and celebrations for Black History Month. Holy Trinity Church and Cultural Arts Center, our Worldwide Anglican Church Ecumenical Partners had the great honor of hosting His Majesty King Okatakyi Dr. Armanfi VII, His Highness King Nana Obokese Ampah, and His Highness Apostle Osofo Ahmed.The kings are pictured here with WAC Presiding Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson.

December 21st, 2019, Archbishop Dr. Mosespaul Rajasingh held a special Christmas program for hundreds of children and adults at Katlobana, Ganganahar, Hyderabad, India.

December 21st, 2019, Archbishop Dr.Christine Mercy Johnson was part of the Children’s Christmas party at the Thea Bowman Center, Cleveland, Ohio.

On Sunday, January 12, 2020, at St. Paul’s Worldwide Anglican Church Headquarters Wamala, Kampala, Uganda, West Africa we will celebrate in the  Installation of the Worldwide Anglican Church’s Primate and Archbishop Dr. Elijah Abuoi Arok of the WAC- South Sudan. Also, two Provincial heads will be installed alongside namely: Peter Deng Ayom, Archbishop of north-western province, and David Manyok Lual Makuei, Archbishop of South-eastern Province.

WORLDWIDE ANGLICAN CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENT – COMING IN SPRING 2020 – Archbishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson will host ‘LISTEN WITH MOTHER,’ an International TV show aimed at specifically teaching the Word of God to children. The weekly show will reach over 164 countries through https://www.kitvnetwork.com/ KiTV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Cross TV, the KiTV Network, Roku TV, Android TV, Google, ChromeCast, Samsung Smart TV, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Pod Bean, Pod Chaser, Listen Note and Player FM. Stay tuned for updates! 

The Office of the Patriarch wishes to announce that the AFRICAN TRINITY THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE has changed its name to TRINITY THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, and its logo. The College has also changed its location from Fort Portal to Kampala, Uganda. The Rev Prof Dr Kironde Kigozi is its new Principal.

For his tireless dedication to the Worldwide Anglican Church, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Spencer Garnica Lever, Primate for South and Central America was honored on December 8th with a certificate to formally name him, Spencer I. This new name will be displayed on the Apostolic Succession Certificates of the Eastern and Western Streams on our heritage.


Sunday, November 11th, 2019 – The Most Rev ++ Dr. Akinbode Oke was Installed as Primate for Nigeria, the Right Rev + Seun Adeoye as lead Bishop for Nigeria, and the Right Rev + Shekinah Violet Efiong as Bishop for Nigeria. She is only the second female Bishop to be elevated within the Worldwide Anglican Church. The Chief Consecrator was His Grace, the Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira, Co-Presiding Bishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church.

“I am deeply humbled, honored and grateful that our Heavenly Father is lifting up a few well trained, disciplined and loving women, strong in the Episcopacy, and deeply committed to be the mothers that the Church on earth is crying out for. As scandals of sexual misconduct and blatant abuse of power, greed, ego, separation, and a watered-down version of the gospel are preached almost daily, God is answering that cry with us – and trust me, it takes GREAT COURAGE to answer that call with “Yes, Lord – send me!” said Her Grace, the Most Rev ++ Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, Co-Presiding Bishop fo the WAC.

“We are well aware of the difficult path ahead of us – but we stand firm as soldiers and Officers in God’s Army, prepared to be that nurturing strength that the Church is desperately needing these days. On the eve of her Consecration, I said to Bishop Efiong, “My spiritual daughter, as God leads you, and the Holy Spirit moves through you – as Jesus stands before you – I stand beside you!”


His Grace, the Most Rev ++ Paulo Sergio Ferreira from the Arquidiocese Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Brazil, South America, held a special Mass on Sunday 15th December, 2019 to welcome new WAC members to their church.