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Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas




The Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas is a new Seminary founded in 2017 to train and educate priests, deacons and lay leaders in the Anglican tradition by the late Dr. George P. Pierce, founding bishop of the Church of the Himalayas. Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, its programs accept students from around the world with a focus on developing nations. All of our programs are open to anyone who professes the Christian Faith and adheres to our Statement of Faith. We accept students from a variety of Christian backgrounds.


Ph.D. (Doctor of Ministry), Masters of Ministry (M.Div) and a basic program to train pastors. The Ph.D. and Master’s program is now in place while the Basic Training Program is currently being developed and is hoped to be ready by January of 2020.

DOCTOR OF MINISTRY: This program is under the guidance of Dr. Jon Ruthven, a retired theologian who has had decades of seminary training. The program runs anywhere from three to seven years and is an independent study program under the guidance of an assigned advisor. Admission into the program requires candidates to have a Master’s Degree in either Theology or Ministry. This program is designed to produce outstanding Christian Leaders across the world. All classes are taught in English. The cost of admission is US $500.

MASTER’S OF DIVINITY: The Master of Divinity (D.Min) program is a three-year program of 30 courses that run for an average of 3 weeks each. Courses are taught in a module program in order to allow for foreign instructors to come and teach. Classes are taught by both foreign as well as native instructors. Master-level classes are taught in English. To qualify to be in the program, one must have a Bachelor’s Degree. The subject of Bachelor does not matter as we know that in developing countries, many priests and pastors need to be bi-vocational. The cost is USD $12 (NRS 1200) registration and USD $10 (NRS 1000) per module.

BASIC LEVEL – In so many places around the world, pastors and priests have little to no theological training. Most are involved in bi-vocational training. The Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas has developed a 20-week program to teach the basics of the faith. The program will be taught in the local language by native instructors. The program understands that local pastors and priests often are limited in time, so the program is once a week for three hours per class. The course covers 20 subjects from theology to preaching, leadership to disciple-making. The courses are taught by native instructors who have been trained by the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas. Students receive a certificate of achievement who complete the 20 weeks. Cost is USD $10 (NRS 1000) for all 20 weeks, Plus the purchase of the textbook (around USD $3)

OUR CONCEPT: The Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas was founded by the late Dr. George P. Pierce to create a different kind of Seminary that would train leaders as Jesus did. The course of instruction is a mixture of Pentecostalism with traditional Word and Sacrament, thereby creating a balanced approach to theological training. The goal of JESUS SEMINARY is to create dynamic leaders who will create disciples for Jesus Christ through dynamic churches.  The Seminary draws upon Scripture as well as ancient Church Tradition in order for students to develop a solid theological base. The goal is to create strong disciples for Christ in order to advance the church across the world.

The Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas draws upon great teachers throughout history, beginning with Jesus and the Disciples through the Church Fathers and leaders today, cutting across denominational lines. The goal is to combine the power found in Pentecostalism with solid theological roots that forms a well-rounded theology that is rock solid.

Dr. George P. Pierce was an American theologian and missionary, serving in many areas of the world. He came to Nepal in 2008 where he spent the remainder of his life with a passion for training church leaders. In 2012, he organized the Ph.D. program (the first of its kind in Nepal) through the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg, Florida where he had served as its president. In 2017, the program was separated when it became its own Seminary. Since 2017, the Master’s Program has been started and the Basic Program will be launched in 2020.

ACCREDITATION – The Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas is an accredited seminary through the Worldwide Anglican Church.

REGISTRATION – The Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas is registered in the United States of America.


Old Testament Survey – This multiple module course will dig deeper into the various parts of the Old Testament, the foundational books of the Bible.

  • Genesis – Dr. Imran Bhatti
  • Pentateuch – Dr. Barnabas Titung
  • Wisdom Books – tba
  • The Prophets – tba

New Testament Survey – Explore the life of Jesus, the growth of the early church in Acts along with how the Holy Spirit moves the believers forward in ways not seen before in the world. Learn also the great teachings of Paul and the other writers of the New Testament. Finally unlocking the keys to Revelation.

  • The Gospels – tba
  • Book of Acts – Dr. Jon Ruthven
  • Writing of Paul – tba
  • General Epistles – Rev. Mini Kumar Rai
  • Revelation – Dr. Jon Ruthven

Church HistoryThis course will trace the history of the church from the end of Acts to the present day and its growth around the world. We are delighted to have several powerful instructors who can lecture on the history of the church.

  • The Church Fathers – Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt
  • Heresies and early church history – Rev. Amanda Carpenter
  • Reformation – Rev. Matthew Carpenter
  • Church in Africa and Asia – Rev. Eric Bikanja

Comparative Religions – What is the difference between Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism? What about the different sects like Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons? How do different denominations vary? This course will examine the differences in order to understand how they differ from Christianity. ( Professor – tba )

Introduction to the Holy Spirit – This is a powerful course examining the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church today. In this course, Dr. Jon Ruthven, a world-renown expert on the Holy Spirit will share his insights into the power that is given the church.

Empowering the Holy SpiritThis course moves into the second phase whereby you will learn how to empower the Holy Spirit to its maximum potential for your ministry. Also taught by Dr. Jon Ruthven.

39 Articles of FaithThese are the foundational teaching of the Anglican and Methodist Churches, which are universally accepted by Christian denominations. This course will examine each of the articles and relate its significance to Holy Scripture. The creeds of the church will also be discussed in this course. Taught by Rev. Dr. Thomas Langford.


21 Qualities of LeadershipLearn what it takes to be a leader in the church. These 21 principles are from Dr. John Maxwell and taught by Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt. These qualities are necessary to be successful as a leader in the church. Learn what you need to possess internally in order to be the best Christian leader possible.

21 Principles of Leadership – Dr. John Maxwell outlines 21 necessary principles for leaders everywhere, and this includes in the church. This course will examine all 21 of these principles and demonstrate how to successfully develop these into your daily lives. Taught by Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt

The Pastor as AdministratorAll pastors must be administrators in the local church. Rev. Peter Newton discusses ways to be an effective administrator so your church functions effectively as well as efficiently.

Leadership Essentials – This class focuses on tools such as time management, team building, developing committees and more. It also looks at the 11 ways successful people think. Taught by Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt


The Ethics of MinistryIt is essential for all pastors to have a strong sense of Christian ethics. This module focuses on what it means to have Christian ethics and values that must come from the heart. Taught by Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt

Pastoral Care and CounselingChristian churches are unique in offering their members counseling services. Here students will learn how to provide pastoral care in a variety of settings. Taught by Daniel J. Hesse.

Dealing with Conflict in the Church – Every church will experience conflict because churches are composed of people. Pastors must learn at how to deal with conflict and how not to exacerbate it. This course is taught by Rev. Peter Newton.

The Pastor as Preaching – This is a fun course on how to be an effective preacher. Rev. Matthew Carpenter from the USA will be here in late February to conduct this important class. Prepared to be challenged as you reach new heights in your preaching.

The Pastor as Christian EducatorHow do we train the children in our churches? Elisabeth Langford, the wife of Dr. Thomas Langford will teach ways to train children in becoming disciples for Jesus Christ.

How to Develop a Self-Supporting Ministry – You definitely need money to do ministry, but your congregation is tiny? How do you survive? Rev. Newton Sarkar of Bangladesh will show you how! Rev. Newton started out from a poor family with no money. Now as he approaches 40, he is part owner of two successful factories in Bangladesh as well as other businesses, all the while using his income to support his ministry. He has taught in many countries in Asia and will share his secrets with you. This course is only available for students enrolled in the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas.

Church and Ministry Finance – This is an important course as learning how to properly manage money is essential to the health and success of your ministry. Your people need transparency in order to develop trust. Taught by Rev. Peter Newton

How to Attract Foreign Money For Ministry – Looking to expand into a specialized kind of ministry? You need to learn how to properly ask! Getting foreign money isn’t as easy as finding a queeday. Today’s foreigner wants to see your plans including a Pro-forma of how you will develop this ministry. People just don’t give money for a good idea; they want to know it will actually happen. This course will show you how to do it so you can be more successful in your quest. This course is only available to students of the Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas. Taught by Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderstadt.

Bereavement – Dealing with death and dying. The Most Rev ++ Christine J.A. Johnson is a world-renown expert on death and dying. Having died herself and brought back to life, she personally experienced a taste of what is to come. She works with people who are dying as well as their families, preparing them for the world to come which Christ has promised to believers. This is a dynamic course that will teach you how to bring comfort to your people.

PLEASE NOTE: All courses are taught in modules of two to three weeks. All courses must be paid for in advance. Students are expected to participate in class, do their homework and study. All work must be done by each individual class member.