Province of Uganda

1- Outreach:
Despite the lockdown in Uganda, the Worldwide Anglican Church has registered growth and positive outreach especially in the Queen Elizabeth WAC Diocese. Many Clergy from other Churches have joined out Church.
2- Ordination
The Worldwide Anglican Church in Uganda has about 8 candidates ready for ordination to the order of Deacon as soon as the Churches are opened.
3- Online Theological Course
The Trinity Theological College has established an online course for Students in Theology and Ministry. The programme is doing well, and our Students are continuing with studies despite the lockdown.
4- Domestic violence
This has been on the increase since March when the lockdown started. Uganda has witnessed family breakdowns, early pregnancies, suicides, etc due to this  lockdown.

Province of Kenya

On 16th August, we held our first synod Meeting. The synod then turned into electoral college and officially confirmed the election of

1.Bishop Dr. Edward Abraham Amwayi to the office of Archbishop and Primate for Ecclesiastical Province of Kenya
2. Rev. Dr. Joel Ambundo to the office of Bishop of the Diocese of Nairobi.
3. Rev. Wellington Matakwa to the office of Bishop of the Diocese of Khwisero.
The synod also examined and qualified Hon. Mary Roshel Amwayi and Eunice Ambundo for ordination to the holy orders of Diaconate.
The Synod also approved and created the following Dioceses:
1. Nairobi
2. Khwisero
3. Kirinyaga.
It was passed that the consecration and ordination service and venue be relocated from the Diocese of Khwisero as had been planned earlier to the Diocese of Nairobi, which has been agreed as the headquarters of the Ecclesiastical Province of Kenya.

Province of India

During  May and June we focussed our mission work in Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu. We distributed much needed food and assisted the missionaries and underprivileged people.
  1. Hundreds of people have been baptized at our Mission field in north India. On 14 th July Bishop Prakash Simon was appointed as a Bishop of Worldwide Anglican Church of India, Bangalore Diocese.
  2. On 21st August Rev Dr Jeyaseelan Mathuram was elected as the New Bishop of Tamil Nadu.
  3. On 7th September Bishop Dr. Mariaraj was appointed as a Bishop of Kanniyakumari Diocese. On the month of July we also had a Promotional work in Tirunelveli, Tamil, Nadu State.
  4. The six months of wait is gradually coming to an end and we were able to begin the church activities i.e., the Sunday service from the 9th of August, 2020. We were able to start the regular Sunday Service after months of Lockdown, the government has given guidelines such as the social distancing, use of masks and sanitizers and to maintain a time restriction of 45 minutes. The congregations took part in the service with much joy, there were many who came to testify their faith in Christ many were strengthened with the Word of God in their faith. There were both believers and non-believers who came, it was such a joy to have people come from the villages that we have been praying for.
  5. ‘Naadh’ was a place with much opposition to the Word of God, and right after the Lockdown we welcomed families from this village. 
  6. In the month of August, a Village Church was constructed at Fatatewadi, in the State of Maharastra, India.
  7. We were able to arrange a new prayer hall at Shahapur in the state of Karnataka, India for the people in that locality. The youth prayers were also started at the Main Church “Holy Way Church” at Sindagi in the state of Karnataka, India.
  8. Through the Worldwide Anglican Church of India, we are now gathering pastors, priests, Deacons and evangelists to this Diocese to help them in their ministry in spiritual and moral support.

Province of Peru

  1. El Perú es un país variado, multicultural con muchas tradiciones. Está ubicado en la parte occidental de América del sur, comparte fronteras con: Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Bolivia y Chile. Tiene 3 regiones, costa, sierra y selva. Se hablan 47 lenguas nativas incluyendo quechua y aimara.
  2. Nuestra iglesia aquí en el Perú es una iglesia naciente, que, con mucho entusiasmo, alegría, trabajo y sobre todo con la gracia de Dios estamos en un proceso de crecimiento muy aceptable. Nuestra sede principal está en la ciudad de Lima, capital del Perú.
  3. Hemos elegido la zona de Lima norte, lugar donde el índice de pobreza y sus impactos sociales son altos, por eso hemos decidido hacer presencia de nuestra iglesia con programas de evangelización paras las familias (Programas sacramentales) y un acompañamiento permanente en su proceso de crecimiento y desarrollo.
  4. Siguiendo en la misma línea de nuestra iglesia WAC nos hemos organizado para trabajar con las mujeres, siendo esta una preocupación debido al alto índice de violencia y feminicidios que sufren las mujeres de nuestro país. En respuesta a esto con un equipo de profesionales estamos desarrollando talleres de empoderamiento, liderazgo que tiene como objetivo la recuperación de su dignidad como personas e hijas de Dios y que sean capaces de ser líderes e independientes en su economía.
  5. En la ciudad de Huancayo, la diócesis ubicada en la región sierra del Perú, a 3600 msnm. está bajo la responsabilidad del reverendo Francisco Cuadros con un equipo de sacerdotes y familias que lo acompañan en las misiones.

Province of Barbados

  1. Churches have now been given the green light to reopen, and we are in the process of regrouping our congregation members.
  2. We are still faced with Covid-19 cases daily, mainly from overseas travellers since our borders were reopened.
  3. We have been proactive in helping the communities who have faced unprecedented hardship during these difficult months, with provisions, and food.

Province of North America

  1. We have partnered with several church organisations and councils across the country over the last few months, as we facilitate in the Covid-19 challenge.
  2. Our Presiding Archbishop has been heavily involved with community outreach programs in Ohio, and she has given several key interviews on television and the internet, including the National TCT Network.
  3. Thousands of meals have been distributed to the elderly and homeless in collaboration with our ecumencial partners, Holy Trinity Church and Cultural Arts Center, Feed my Sheep, and the Ricks Brothers Foundation.
  4. Online weekly services have been broadcast across the world each week.
  5. Our Social Justice programs have included designated services and public meetings to encourage voter and census registration.
  6. Our Archbishop Primate broadcasts weekly from St. Cornona’s Church, and his weekly radio show, “Sundays with Bishop Beaderstadt,’ on WKJC, is growing in popularity in his region. This radio show discusses his missionary work, and takes listeners to remote areas of Africa and South Asia. This thirty minute program also shares bible facts, stories and trivia. The special segment “Ask the Bishop,” encourages listeners to submit their questions, for what is undoubtedly an enlightening experience.
  7. We are in discussion as to how best grow House Churches across the United States of America, which will act as a mission training field for new clergies.

Province of Brazil

Igreja Anglicana Mundial WAC – Província do Brasil
Arquidiocese Nossa Senhora Aparecida

  1. Ide por todo o mundo, pregai o evangelho a toda criatura”.
    Esse deve ser o sentido de todos nós aqui no Brasil que aceitam a estabelecer com seus dons para as mais diversas pastorais da Igreja Anglicana Mundial WAC e que queiram ajudar a igreja nas suas ações, atendendo assim o chamamento de Jesus.
  2. Tendo o sentido de pertença a Igreja WAC onde Jesus Cristo é a pedra fundamental e com alegria recebemos os novos membros da igreja que são: Reverendo padre  Eduardo Ailton, reverendo padre Hugo Costa, Reverendo padre Josinaldo e Reverendo Dom Flavio Ramos todos do estado de Pernambuco e do estado de Minas Gerias o reverendo Natanael que oferecem os dons para atender as necessidades da comunidade Eclesial”.
  3. O trabalho pastoral é realizado nas igrejas de forma missionaria como celebrações, casamentos, batizados e outros serviços.
  4. No dia 15 de agosto onde a Igreja celebrou a Assunção de Maria ao Céu, foi ordenados três irmãos para serviço de diácono.
  5. A celebração aconteceu no estado do Ceará e foi presidida pelo Arcebispo primaz do Brasil, Reverendo Dom Paulo Sérgio Ferreira.
  6. Os três irmãos foram: Genilson Alves da Silva da cidade de Fortaleza, Jose Maria Ferreira Damasceno Canindé do Ceará e Merick de Lira Raposo da cidade de Maceió Alagoas e o dia 16 de agosto de 2020 a ordenação Sacerdotal dos referidos diáconos.

Province of South Sudan

  1. South Sudan is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa. It is bordered to the east by Ethiopia, to the north by Sudan, to the west by the Central African Republic, to the south-west by Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south by Uganda and to the south east by Kenya.
  2. Rivers have broken their banks in South Sudan, leaving thousands displaced by flooding. South Sudan’s Jonglei state is in watery shambles from floods as displaced locals struggle to stay afloat amidst this dire situation. Since July, South Sudan has experienced unprecedented rainfall and flooding, affecting the whole of Jonglei State.
  3. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported more than 5,000 people were displaced in Bor Town, capital of the state. Also further north along the White Nile, an estimated 30,000 people have been affected by flooding in Renk County in Eastern Nile state, according to World Vision South Sudan.
  4. Families from Jonglei State forced to leave their houses have crossed the river to temporarily stay in Central Equatoria state. Flash floods resulting in the displacement of thousands of people have also plagued several other parts of the greater Jonglei region, including Ayod, Duk and Pochalla.
  5. Clinics, schools, churches and police stations are underwater in Jonglei state.
  6. Some 135,000 people are believed to be displaced in Bor South,Twic East and Duk counties.
  7. Missionary work in the house of Michael: The church meeting in the house of MICHAEL DHIEU is to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom in every community in Australia that will fulfil the great commission. Brother Michel is a Christian soldier who committed to a global mission.

Province of Nigeria

  1. The Primate His Grace Archbishop Akinbode Oke (DD) was appointed the Vice President of WAC warrior men.
  2. Archbishop Mary Ajisafe organized a crusade, wedding and youth program.
  3. Report from Abuja Diocese – House fellowships were conducted, and palliative materials were widely distributed to the church members.
  4. We acquired a plot of land to build a befitting Cathedral of about 300 seating capacity and bought about 1,500 blocks to do begin designated contract.
    We also embarked on establishing the first Bible college in that City which also will commence in October, 2020.
    The Presiding Bishop of our Diocese was awarded Doctor of Divinity in the month of July to the  glory of God.
    We need your supports in  both prayers and aids to build this cathedral .

Province of Rwanda

  1. The Covid-19 has forced everything to be closed, including churches.
  2. Our online church service and initial house churches where each family is gathered and worship together have been warmly welcomed.
  3. Reverend Antoine Nzayisenga has launched a small business program, which has been named, “Christian Move Forward Economically” – Terimbere Mukiristo.
  4. The ministry is growing rapidly and the church is evaluating suitable land to build upon, and land for schools, hospitals and other essential lifelines.
  5. Our house churches are growing and per Government orders, all attendees are screened for the disease.
  6. Five candidates have been approved for ordination to the order of Deacon, which will be conducted after the Pandemic.