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1 Peter 4:8-12
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Use hospitality one to another without grudging. As every man hath received the gift, even so, minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. If any man speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Every day, all our clergies passionately serve in their communities around the world for the glory of God! We are proud of the fact that our churches serve some of the most economically challenged communities on earth, and we work with community leaders and organizations to serve the homeless, the poor, the dying, orphans, refugees, and those whose voices cannot be heard. We are grateful to know that we have helped people in their times of suffering, sadness, crisis, and prayer needs to celebrating in their times of joy, union, and births. We strive to offer services and sound biblical teachings true to the Anglican tradition. Your kind comments are gratefully received, and we hold each one of you in our daily prayers. God bless you all.

Short Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with Archbishop Christine Johnson for over a year. I have had the opportunity to witness her interactions with our patients, bereaved families, and co-workers. Christine has always dealt with everyone in a forthright, honest and compassionate way. She has been able to not only address and assist them with their grief needs but has also been able to guide them spiritually in a way no one else in our agency is able to do so. Christine intuitively knows the best way to approach people and gives them a new perspective to help them with their personal and spiritual growth and meets them where they are. She has integrity and always considers what is best for all concerned, putting aside her own needs yet keeping professional boundaries. Christine is deeply committed to helping mankind. She is very gifted and uses her gifts for the highest and best of all that she serves. Christine is a blessing to all she comes into contact with and are open to what she has to offer. I highly recommend her. Teresa, OH”

“Su gracia para mi Usted es mi guía Espiritual el que con sus mensajes me anima a seguir adelante en medio de las dificultades,porque siento la Unción del Espíritu Santo que usted nos transmite, clamo a Dios nos los conserve con salud por mucho tiempo” – Maria Bolivar – Your grace, for me You are my Spiritual guide who with your messages encourages me to move forward in the midst of difficulties, because I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit that you transmit to us, I cry out to God to keep us with health for a long time – Maria Bolivar

“I have known Bishop Charles Harewood for the past twenty seven (27)years. He was my supervisor,  mentor and role model. His leadership skills was unquestionable. Charles was knowledgeable, he set standards as a guide line in the work place  and earned his respect from the entire work force. This some of the qualities and characteristics of  Mr Harewood as a supervisor, his work ethics was a guideline for us, he is honest, dedicated, caring, compassionate, approachable, understanding, humble, reverent,sincere, firm, has a high level of integrity and a wonderful personality. God has chosen him to lead because of his faithfulness.” Antoinette Downes-Marshall  

“Archbishop Christine Johnson has faithfully served in our Abider services at Pioneer Manor. The program provides a presence during the final days or hours of a person’s life to ensure that the individual does not face death alone. Christine has the gentle spirit and sense of respect and dignity that we require to serve our residents/patients and the kind personality necessary to represent our organization to these clients and their families at such a demanding time during the end stages of life. Her gentle demeanor and caring disciple more than qualify her to provide such service. Her pleasant manner and deportment make it an absolute delight to be in her presence. She shows prudence in her choice of words when dealing with either colleagues and clients. I personally extend my recommendation for Christine to serve in other communities and institutions in a similar manner. She is highly respected by her peers, often going above and beyond her required obligation, filling in the gap and sacrificing her personal time in order to meet the need, with pleasantry, grace, and finesse.” Rev. Bob W. Rudichar. Chaplain Services Coordinator. Campbell County Memorial Hospital

“Bendecido dia para todos. El Señor los siga Bendiciendo. Reverendo Spencer para mi usted es mi Padre Espiritual mi Guia he aprendido mucho de usted sobre la Fe he sentido la unción del Espiritu Santo atravez de usted sobre la vida cotidiana, sobre los mensajes que nos edifican. Lo aprecio y admiro su fuerza y fortaleza para seguir adelante lo quiero con todo el respeto que usted se merece, le pido a mi Dios siempre que lo Bendiga por su salud el Señor lo siga Bendiciendo hoy y siempre” – MONICA JIMENEZ – Reverend Spencer, for me you are my Spiritual Father, my Guide. I have learned a lot from you about the Faith. I have felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit through you on everyday life, on the messages that edify us. I appreciate it, and I admire your strength and strength to move forward I want it with all the respect you deserve, I ask my God whenever I bless you for your health the Lord continues to bless you today and forever – MONICA JIMENEZ

“En la iglesia Anglicana rito tradicional presidida por el Arsobispo Spencer Garnica. Siento el amor de Dios,respeto apoyo. Me siento muy a gusto. Siempre que tengo problemas soy atendida con mucho carino. Esta la gracia de Dios presente y el amor de Dios reflejado en sus integrantes, Hay fraternidad Es una gran flia.” – Gloria Ramirez de Prada – In the Anglican church traditional rite chaired by Bishop Spencer Garnica. I feel the love of God, I respect support. I feel very comfortable. Whenever I have problems I am treated with love. There is the grace of God present and the love of God reflected in its members, There is fraternity It is a great flia. – Gloria Ramirez de Prada

“I have known Bishop Charles Harewood for over twenty- five years and know him to be a loyal honest and hardworking person. I had the pleasure of serving under his leadership as an operator and found him to be a very professional person with Ethics that are admirable. – M.Audain

“Yo torcoroma López. Para mi ha sido de mucha bendición contar con la iglesia anglicana de San Pablo ya que ha sido un cambio total en mi hogar y mi familia. Además en la iglesia contamos con el arzobispo Spencer Garnica Lever por que es una persona responsable,respetuoso y espiritual que da una voz de aliento en momentos difíciles.” – MISS TORCOROMA – For me it has been a blessing to have the Anglican church of San Pablo since it has been a total change in my home and my family. Also, in the church we have Archbishop Spencer Garnica Lever because he is a responsible, respectful and spiritual person who gives a voice of encouragement in difficult times. – Miss Torcoroma

“Thank you for the wonderful service both at the funeral home and at the cemetery Archbishop Christine. We all appreciated the message that you gave to us.” George, AZ

“Thank you for your unending support and care during this difficult time Archbishop Christine Johnson. You were always there to listen and provide comforting words – for that I am grateful.” Marlene, OH

“Archbishop Christine, thank you for taking such wonderful care of our family! Thank you for the most memorable service for mom! We appreciate you more than you will ever know! You are truly a blessing to so many people.” Laura and family. OH

“Yo Orlando Angarita. Doy testimonio de la iglesia anglicana San Pablo y al arzobispo Spencer garnica ya que para mi ha sido una gran bendición para mi vida y mi familia.” – Orlando – I Orlando Angarita. I give testimony of the St. Paul Anglican church and Archbishop Spencer Garnica since for me it has been a great blessing for my life and my family. – Orlando

“Archbishop Christine Johnson has accomplished so much!  She has ministered to me and given me hope, strength, and courage when I have felt on the verge of having none of those virtues. I find myself often reflecting on her words and her presence, and those reflections of time spent with her bring me a deep sense of peace. Never have I known someone so steadfast, unmovable and consistent in their faith. Dr. Johnson is truly gifted, and she is someone whom I truly believe is here to guide us closer to Him. She is a blessing, and her work is essential to so many; the more people she can touch, the better this world will surely be.” – Nancy, OH

“Mi nombre Maria Luisa Prada Rocha. Me convertí en el año 1.992, mi mentor o Pastor en aquel entonces Pastor Spencer Garnica Lever, a quien le atribuyó uno de los Dones más importantes, como lo es la enseñanza (no pretendo menospreciar los demás Dones), pero para una persona que no conoce nada del Señor, el ser adoctrinado bíblicaente es un gran privilegio porque se recibe de inmediato el sentido de identidad como hijo de Dios, y sabe a partir de allí que espera Dios y hacia dónde nos dirigimos, y eso fue lo que recibí de mi amado hermano, y gracias a Dios su Pastorado aun hasta el día de hoy permanece, gracias a todas las experiencias de vida agradezco a Dios contar aun hoy con su amistad. Consejero, Profeta, Evangelista, Salmista para Dios. Un gran hombre de Fé, al que el Señor ha bendecido en gran manera. Oro porque sea guardado su vida en el Señor siempre.” – Maria Luisa Prada Rocha. – My name Maria Luisa Prada Rocha. I became the year 1992, my mentor or Pastor at that time Pastor Spencer Garnica Lever, to whom he attributed one of the most important Gifts, such as teaching (I do not intend to belittle the other Gifts), but for a person who does not He knows nothing of the Lord, being biblical indoctrinated is a great privilege because he immediately receives the sense of identity as a child of God, and knows from there that God expects and where we are going, and that is what I received from me beloved brother, and thank God your Pastorate even to this day remains, thanks to all the experiences of life I thank God to have his friendship even today. Counselor, Prophet, Evangelist, Psalmist for God. A great man of Faith, whom the Lord has blessed greatly. I pray that your life will be kept in the Lord forever. – Maria Luisa Prada Rocha.

“Dearest Archbishop Christine, words cannot express our sincere appreciation for the beautiful service you gave our Mother. Your kindness and sincerity helped us through a very difficult time. You guided all of us with such grace. We are forever grateful. God bless you!” Ginger, OH

“I have worked with Archbishop Johnson and her work with the foster care and bereavement community has been an uplifting experience for us all. She has come on our radio show and has shown all of us her kindness and love.” Heather, NJ

“Su Gracia Spencer Garnica, Dios lo siga bendiciendo,gracias a Dios por haberlo conocido,ha sido de gran ayuda, y he aprendido mucho con sus enseñanzas, a pesar de sus quebrantos Dios lo levanta para continuar en la obra y lo ha mantenido. “– MARGARITA – Your Grace Spencer Garnica, God continue to bless him, thank God for having known him, he has been a great help, and I have learned a lot with his teachings, despite his brokenness God lifts him up to continue in the work and has kept him. – Margarita

“Archbishop Johnson has been instrumental in her support and knowledge of helping to set up the infrastructure of leadership within the ministry. Dr. Johnson has accomplished much, both in the public eye and in her work in so many private moments, with so many people; moments which have effected spiritual change and growth and peace, in each person. Every day, Dr. Johnson was always there to support with guidance and Godly advice. Dr. Johnson is truly gifted, and she is someone who I believe is truly here to guide, shepherd and lead us all closer to God.” Pastor Quincy Carr, Now Faith Ministry Church

“I have known Bishop Charles Harewood for over fifty years. I have always know him to be honest,loyal,quiet and a very intelligent person. One who conducts himself in the most admirable fashion, one who goes beyond the call of duty and gives a hundred and ten percent of himself in serving others.I have no doubt in my mind that as God has called to the Priesthood, that those qualities will no doubt follow him always as a leader and if I may also add opportunity of listening to him sing and he has a beautiful voice wish can also be used to the honor and glory of God. I hope this letter serves as intended.” – Rose Springer

“Yo estoy en el consejo por que quiero ayudar y verdaderamente yo si creo en Dios, estoy en el templo me gusta como dirige la palabra nuestro arzobispo todo lo que predica lo hace bien y no conozco otro que predique y nos guie mejor que el y para mi lo mejor que Dios me haya puesto al arzobispo en mi vida, no tengo nada malo que decir de el. Arzobispo Spencer un buen lider Dios lo bendiga. – Jesus alirio amaya.”  ALIRIO. – I am in the council because I want to help and I really do believe in God, I am in the temple I like how our archbishop directs everything he preaches he does well and I do not know another that preaches and guides us better than him and for my best that God has put me to the archbishop in my life, I have nothing bad to say about him. Archbishop Spencer a good leader God bless you. – Jesus Alirio Amaya.

“Archbishop Christine Johnson is responsible for a ministry that stretches the four corners of the globe. Yet she still found time to spend with my aunt when she lost her husband of over 50 years. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ always found time to serve and tend his flock when he walked the earth. Dr. Johnson has followed in the steps of our Master. She is tireless, relentless and her messages from the pulpit are loud and clear and truly inspirational! Yet, if a layman would happen to walk by her and seek healing, counsel, or a shoulder to cry on she will find the time. She is a true Servant of the Lord who has been chosen to lead his flock in these most trying times. All one needs to do is stand in her presence to know there’s something truly special that radiates constantly.” – Diego, NY